Slow Stretch
Sarah & Joseph Belknap and Eileen Rae Walsh
Mana Contemporary Chicago
February 21 - April 3, 2016
Extended through April 24, 2016


Chicago Reader

I find myself sitting in my room, watching the sunlight on the floor, and I’m in the state that I reach after hours and hours of concentration…a calm and delightful ecstasy, a oneness with everything, so that a flower in a vase is oneself, and the slow stretch of a muscle is the confident energy that drives the universe.

Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook

In distinct yet parallel ways, Eileen Rae Walsh and Sarah & Joseph Belknap seek out moments of awe and mesmerization. Their works evoke sublime natural phenomena in a shared attempt to capture sensations of discovery and engrossment. In Slow Stretch, Walsh and the Belknaps collaborate on a floor-to-ceiling installation of photography and sculpture that blurs the lines of authorship. The culmination of a long-running exchange between the artists and curators, this exhibition and accompanying publication speaks to the nature of collaborative creative practice.

Mailed in installments leading up to the opening, a limited-run, three part publication introduced Slow Stretch through writing, artist interviews, and unique collaboratively-produced photograms. The bundled publication is available in the gallery space during the run of the show. 

Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap are Chicago-based interdisciplinary artists and educators who earned MFAs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Their work has been exhibited in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago Artists Coalition, Western Exhibitions, and Comfort Station, as well as in artist-run exhibition spaces in Brooklyn, Detroit, and St. Louis. In addition, they have staged performances at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Hyde Park Art Center, Links Hall, and the Museum of Contemporary

Eileen Rae Walsh is an interdisciplinary artist and poet working primarily in photography, video and the written word. She is currently earning her MFA in photography at Columbia College Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at Women Made Gallery, The Franklin, Cornelia Arts Center, and ACRE TV, and has been featured in Ain’t Bad Magazine and Bridge Eight.