Hi Tide
curated by Third Object
as part of CONTACT 3017, organized by Paradise Cove

Honolulu Museum of Art School
1111 Victoria Street
Honolulu, HI 96814

Opening Reception Saturday April 1, 5pm - 9pm

In the 1997 techno album The Quest, the Detroit duo Drexciya delivered a bubbling sonic backdrop to a new Black mythology. Imagining an underwater kingdom called Drexciya, their music soundtracks the experiences of the Drexciyans, mutants born from pregnant slaves who were thrown overboard during the Middle Passage. Born of catastrophe, the Drexciyans represent a morphological role model for humanity as we confront the coming ecological upheavals that will transform the globe’s coastal regions and islands.

Hi Tide is a video program that depicts adaptive mutation, political and environmental collapse, and moments of utopianism and aesthetic reprieve. With tracks from The Quest moving fluidly between the videos, the program proposes a narrative for finding a place to dance in the deep sea darkness.

Presented as a part of Contact 3017, an exhibition curated by Paradise Cove that imagines Hawai‘i one thousand years in the future.